The Future of Video (on LinkedIn as well!)

Hoe gebruik je LinkedIn nu echt?

The Future of Video (on LinkedIn as well!)

A picture says more than a thousand words! So what about a Video?

Today (third August 2016) LinkedIn has introduced short videos of 30 seconds into their Feed. Of course they have seen the success of Facebook Videos, who are now starting to compete with YouTube. LinkedIn start invited 500 influencers to post videos. Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Martha Stewart and Guy Kawasaki are some of the influencers on LinkedIn.


What do you do with video?

It is interesting to see what others do with video, but how can you use it and make it work for your business? Let’s give you four (and in the future five with LinkedIn video coming) reasons to also start using video for the marketing of your business.

1.SEO – Pure and Simple

It is less hard to score good positions in the search engines than in the normal Search Results.

2.The Social Power of Social Media & Facebook Fame

People love to share Video’s. Also on Facebook video’s are tremendously liked and shared. There is even Facebook Live to share to your followers what you are doing right now.

3.Become more attractive & create a more engaging client experience

People are more intrigued to watch a video than a long blog post. Become a magnet to your target audience.

4.Increase sales

It is easier to demonstrate, explain and show your products and services to your new clients.

5.What does your competition do?

Still there is a lot of potential to become the first in your (local) area and sector to show potential clients video’s.

The Free line!

Give more than your competitors and become more attractive to your potential clients.

freelineSome video’s you can start with are:

  • –          How to videos
  • –          Ten tips around subject A  (you can use it as a LeadMagnet)
  • –           Daily updates
  • –          A Vlog (video blog) if you like this.

Video is still an underused Marketing instrument

I have to admit this is another wake up call for me to start using video more in our Marketing Mix.

There are many success stories about video marketing online and we would love to hear them from you! Let’s inspire each other.


How do you use Video Marketing in your business?